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“The single door we open, in order to reach out to others, creates a double door that enables others to reach out to us”…….    

~ Anonymous

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Although the school is still in its growth phase, it is firmly committed to the notion that schools and similar community based organisations owe a social obligation to needy, displaced and disaffected persons located within their immediate environment.  Consequently, rather than wait on big corporate bodies to demonstrate a sense of social responsibility, all organisations should endeavor to reach out to the less fortunate within their current capabilities.To give expression to this commitment, Liberty Bells School is involved, on various levels, with orphanages and institutions for the destitute located around the lekki/Ajah perimeter. The school presently offers two full-time scholarships to children from a nearby orphanage, covering tuition, books, uniforms and every other facility available to fee-paying students. It is our hope and prayer that the scope of these scholarships will expand in the coming years, to embrace more children within this category.

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