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To our prospective students, whether you are just starting school in the nursery, primary or college level, we know its a journey for you to achieving your academic goals. To our prospective parents, whether your son or daughter is just beginning school or continuing their education, we understand the importance of having them start or continue the right way. 

At Liberty Bells Schools, we ensure every child embarks on this journey with all the necessary requirements for success and our parents are guaranteed a sound education for their child. 


Admission into any of the primary classes is by placement test. Candidates will be tested on standard tests in English and Mathematics suitable for the class applied for. Candidates who meet up the requirement will automatically be offered places accordingly. 


Admission into year 7(JSS1) is by Entrance Examination in Maths, English and General Paper held thrice in a year, April/June and August. 
Candidates seeking transfer from other schools will write a qualifying test in English and Mathematics. Successful candidates are offered provisional admission.

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