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Liberty Bells School is a private, integrated co-educational institution which offers high calibre education to young minds at the Nursery, Primary, Junior and Senior Secondary levels. Our fundamental objective, as the school’s motto bears out, is the empowerment of young minds in two important ways; we strive to develop practical skills sets designed to equip our children to excel in a highly competitive environment. Beyond this however, we are focused on raising our children to imbibe and practice high moral and spiritual values. In brief, the school is built on the sustainable notion that knowledge, values and character are inseparable components of a sound education.


In our push for excellence and the development of character, we take particular pride in the nurture of creative potential. This has led to the establishment of an outstanding musical performance group which takes its membership from all cadres of the student body. Music, dance and drama are all elements of the performance arts which are taught in the process of building tomorrow's leaders.


The school operates four state-of the-art laboratories for the core science disciplines, as well as well stocked labs for Home Economics and Introduction To Technology. The comprehensive computer laboratory makes it possible for each child to have a one-on-one hands-on experience with computers and develop necessary skills to  keep pace with a tech-savvy world.


At Liberty Bells, we appreciate the fact that the future prospects of children is largely determined in the crucible of their formative years. We engage experienced professional guidance counselors whose primary duty is to identify abilities and potential in our children, and assist in steering them in the direction indicated by their skills. Read more...

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